Counselling is a privileged tool used in all circumstances when it is necessary to value and to strengthen personal resources and useful to activate new actions.

Our Occupational Psychologists, who are expert process facilitators, schedule a few individual interviews that are very useful:

  • to obtain post-assessment feedback on potential;

  • at the end of a Performance Assessment process;

  • to analyse training requirements;

  • to analyse professional orientation.


We discuss the corporate objectives to be achieved with the client. A project (MCI) is then defined to establish the companies to be involved in the “mapping” process, and the related professional profiles to be validated. All details required to meet client demands will be classified during the “intelligence” phase.

Confidentiality is always our excellence factor.

Head Hunting and Screening

MCEXECUTIVE manages every head hunting project by performing a careful Analysis of the corporate and occupational framework, namely the job, organisational references, organisation chart, market, operating framework, corporate atmosphere, career prospects, competition.

 MCEXECUTIVE uses a specific Head Hunting and Screening Method to provide clients with an outcome that is perfectly matching with corporate objectives.

 Besides individual interviews, MCEXECUTIVE also uses modern talent assessment tools to precisely define every professional and personality-related detail of the candidates presented.

 MCEXECUTIVE combines the elements obtained from the various analysis methods adopted and processes a complete profile of the candidate. Later, when we present the choice of best candidates, we carefully follow the entire integration track into the company, assisting the client throughout the entire process.


In nostri consulenti hanno acquisito delle marcate competenze in una o più di questi settori:


automotive, ricambi, primo impianto, automazione, applicazioni elettriche, OEM, engineering

Farmaceutico e Chimica:

OTC, medical devices,  industrie farmaceutiche,  industrie della chimica, della gomma e della plastica.

Servizi finanziari:

banca e assicurazioni, private equity, finanza.


New Media, Internet, Web, IT,Sw,Hw.


Logistica e trasporti

Moda e lusso


Merger & Acquisition

la ns. Società realizza Progetti di Consulenza e di M&A per acquisizione di Studi Professionali e Società,

seguendo con estrema riservatezza e professionalità tutto il processo, fino alla firma degli accordi.

Consulenza commerciale

Mc Executive con il suo team è in grado di supportare l’azienda nella verifica dell’attività commerciale, partendo dal modello commerciale utilizzato, fino ad arrivare alle reingegnerizzazione dell’attività di vendita.

Mc Executive è inoltre in grado di supportare l’azienda nella costruzione o nella ricostruzione della rete di vendita.

Questo non solo nel processo selettivo dei soggetti costituenti il network di vendita secondo le peculiarità della mission aziendale, ma anche di tutte le fasi successive, essendo fermamente convinta di poter fornire un supporto di qualità in ognuna di esse:

·       Selezione della rete commerciale
·       Formazione
·       Affiancamento con venditori esperti
·       Verifica dei risultati ottenuti            
·       Conferma finale nel network


This method allows to carry out investigational activities to obtain sensitive data with the utmost confidentiality.



The human resources framework facilitates the process of obtaining extensive information that can be found on the market and which can be used to understand the strategies of Italian and international markets.

Our “MAPPING” service allows to meet the requests of those who need detailed practical information about the market and/or the competition.

 Interpreting the organisational models of the market provides deep insight into the methods adopted by the competition to better understand the business and obtain useful information for the board.

Head Hunting

This method entails looking for highly qualified personnel to increase the workforce and define suitable resources for the position.


Educational activities specialise in creating highly qualified training paths for corporate functions:

Human Resources - Sales - Administration - Production - Communication - Commercial - Logistics.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services cover the organisational framework, corporate reorganisation processes and all aspects of the function of personnel.

We define custom-made projects centred on the company by:

  • describing the positions;

  • drawing up organisation charts;

  • defining workloads;

  • performing process analyses;

  • performing atmosphere analyses.

Personnel Administration

Personnel administration activities are carried out by our partner who is specialised in the sector.